Lasting happiness and fulfillment in life are linked to abundant health, strong community and social ties, and the sense of accomplishment that comes from setting and achieving goals.

Q Sciences' products, culture and opportunity address each of these key elements for happiness, providing a path for greater wellness and well-being.

Proper Nutrition

When we eat with purpose and supplement our bodies with scientifically proven ingredients, we’re on our way to happiness.
Q Sciences’ wellness products work to purify, optimize & protect both mind and body.

Developed by doctors and health experts and backed by scientific research conducted at more than 16 universities in 4 countries (and published in peer-reviewed journals), our products set the standard for credibility and innovation.


Physical Activity

Finding simple, effective ways to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine—such as walking, a favorite sport, or rebounding on the Cellerciser—is an important step towards achieving life balance and greater joy.

Q Sciences products help you stay active so you can feel your best.

Friendship & Community

Strong social ties keep us emotionally healthy and connected to something bigger than ourselves.

When you join Q Sciences, you join a growing community of passionate, like-minded people—many of whom will become lifelong friends. These friends are on a journey not unlike your own.

Together you will laugh, smile and celebrate. You will travel to exciting locations together and find success in helping others to do the same.



Reach your financial goals. Create residual income. Enjoy financial freedom. This and more is possible with Q Sciences!

Q Sciences offers a proven business plan, plus a team of dedicated leaders and a committed corporate staff to help you set and attain goals. In fact, creating opportunity and extending it to others is what drives us at Q Sciences each and every day.

Others are living the Q Life—why not you?